Farm Bill Could Double Price of Milk

The Dairy Cliff


TWIN TIERS -- [WENY] Part the Fiscal Cliff dealings, is the Farm Bill, which could have a huge impact on the price of milk.
     It's being coined as the dairy cliff and if Congress doesn't vote on a new Farm Bill soon, the price of milk can shoot up to $8 a gallon.
     "An extension right now, is gonna stop this fiscil cliff as far as, as far as the farm bills goes, but what's gonna happen otherwise is anyone's guess," said Ashur Terwilliger, Chemung County Farm Bureau.
     The price of milk is up for anyone's guess if congress doesn't vote on an extension of the Farm Bill.
     The Bill includes legislation about America's farm and food poilcies and federally controls the cost everyday items, like milk.
     Expiration of the Bill could mean the price of a gallon of milk skyrocketing to $8.00.
     "I think that that would be bad because a lot of lower class families woudn't be able to purchase milk and milk is good for bones, so I feel like that would be negative," said Billy Brown, Horseheads.
     "If we went back to the old farm bill and milk went back to $6-8 a gallon, you know how much it would hurt the people that really want their milk?" said Terwilliger.
     "I think it's gonna hurt a lot of people; whether they're working and they've got kids it's even worse," said Sandy Maguire, Horseheads.
     Passage of the Bill is going to have a large impact on the community both farmers and neighbors.
     "I mean come on, give us our due. We're good people, we raise a good product to feed the public," said Terwilliger.
     The agricultural comittees in both the House and Senate have drafted a one year extention of the Farm Bill. Congress could vote on that tonight.