Free Training For Businesses On Gun Threats

Free Training For Businesses On Gun Threats

ELMIRA---(WENY) Police say you can never be too careful or too prepared.

The Elmira Police Department and the Chemung County Sheriff's Office have come together to offer free training to businesses about what they should and shouldn't do if someone comes into a business with a gun.

This is the first training course on the subject in this area..

It is based on a program by the Department of Homeland Security that covers the Dos and Don'ts of an 'Active Shooter' situation.

Sgt. Mike Dunham of the Elmira Police Department advised, "If you're not able to run or evacuate from that area, your best defense is to hide and hope that you're not detected. And then, as a worst case scenario, if you're confronted by somebody that's trying to harm you or a co-worker, you have to fight. Do what you have to do to protect yourself."

Classes will be held twice a day next week at the Elmira Regional Public Safety Training Center.

You can register and get more information by calling 607-737-5804.