Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Demo

Gorilla Glass 3 Is More Durable

Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Corning (WENY)--   Corning launched it's latest version of Gorilla Glass at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.  Today, they proved it can take a hit.
     Gorilla Glass 3 includes the new Native Damage Resistance.  This improves the durability of the glass to withstand deep scratches and cracks.  The improved durability is perfect for all electronics from ultra books to large flat screen TV's.     
     Technology manager of Gorilla Glass, Jon, Pesansky, says "one of the things we have to spend a lot of time doing is understanding the voice of the customer. What are the requirements of what's out there? What are the needs in the market"?
     Lab manager, Josh Jacobs, adds "We've already moved, right behind me, into the TV market with Sony Bravia. So we do sell up to 72 to 81 inch devices today".
     Devices featuring Gorilla Glass 3 are expected to be released by the middle of this year.