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Gym Defibrillators

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Gym Defibrillators

ALBANY --[WENY] If you have a heart condition and go to the gym a lot, you might want to listen up.
     New York State ruled health clubs aren't aren't required to actually use the defibrilators the state requires them to have.
     It's a ruling in response to the 2007 death of Gregory Miglino Sr., who collapsed at a Long Island health club owned by Bally Total Fitness.
     The staff at the gym staff called 911, made an announcement for anyone with medical training and even brought the club's defibrillator over.
     But noone actually used the defibrillator while waiting for first responders.
     The judge in the case says that health clubs only have a duty to try and save people under the good samaritan law.
     I talked to the owner, John Maio, of New York Sport and Fitness and he says he's trained all his employees to use the life saving machine.
     He also says that when people sign up for gym memberships they have to fill out medical history and the staff then codes all of the members so they know what to look out for when a patrons are there.
     "It's a small enough place where we know people that have maybe some issues that we need to be on the look out for, but it's not always really a tell tale sign either," said Maio. "You just hope for the best and hope it doesn't happen and the times when it does you hope you're prepared."