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Heating Bills on the Rise

Rising Heating Costs

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Some things are easy to save energy, like turning off a light when you're not in a room or bundling up with more blankets and layers; however, that might not be enough. This Winter's brutal temperatures have some people energy bills hitting an all time high.
     "It's actually a lot colder outside as we've noticed. Sales of insulation and heating supplies have gone astronomically out the door," said Max Bernhard, Horseheads Do It Center.
      That's where Dave Baker and the Energy Service Bureau come in. They provide free weatherization services to people living in Chemung and Schuyler Counties who are eligible based on their income.
     "So we aim this at the wall and we'll see blue and red and tell us where the heat is being lost through the wall itself," said Bernhard.
     That's just one of many things they do for people who are eligible. They also make sure your furnace is in check and seal windows and doors.
     "Right now we're weatherizing for people who called last year around January or so. They called and gave us their basic information," said Bernhard.
     Support is based on things like household size and income. If you don't qualify, you can always keep warm by doing it yourself.
     Some simple solutions that can make a world of a difference are window insulation kits and weather tape you stick on your windows or doors. Then there's some other things that require a little more work.
     "They can insulate their pipes to keep them from freezing, number one. Number two, insulate the walls with good insulation," said Bernard.
     To apply for the program or for more information you can call the Bureau at:

     Chemung Co. (607) 734-0795
     Schuyler Co. (607) 535-2468