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Holiday Pet Dangers

Holiday Pet Dangers


TWIN TIERS [WENY] -- Christmas is right around the corner, and with all the running around, there's something people could forget.

     No, it's not gifting an ugly sweater. But, a lot of people don't consider potential dangers to their pets.

     You'd be surprised at some of the things people look right over that could send their pet to vet instead of home for the holidays.

     The SPCA told us about some treats and plants popular around this time of year that can make your dogs or cats sick... Or even kill them.

     Number one on their list-- make sure your tree is securely anchored, so it doesn't fall on your pet.

     You may want to ditch poinsettia, holy, and mistletoe for a silk look-a-like because the plants can be deadly or cause nausea.

     And, avoid tinsel all together; it can get caught in an animal's digestive tract.

     Also, make sure guests aren't feeding your pets scraps.

     Be sure to save the eggnog for your guests, liquor can put your pet into a coma.

     Kate suggested alternative decorations like popcorn chains or ribbon and making sure that your pet has it's own space, away from the festivities with their bed and some water.