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Ithaca Gorges

ITHACA (WENY)-- Now that summer is upon us, It seems to be a trend that more and more people are ignoring trespassing signs in Ithaca and end up getting hurt.
    Ithaca police and Cornell University announced Tuesday they would once again be working together in hopes of preventing accidents in the gorges. Every year dozens of injuries occur when people jump off the rocks and into the water. In the past these injuries have been fatal.
     Officer Williamson of the Ithaca Police department says not only are trespassers putting themselves in danger, but rescue workers as well. “We'll go to the gorges a few times a week for some kind of incident. Whether it be an injury or some sort of crime that had occurred. Property stolen or property damaged any number of things. Broken arms, broken legs, lacerations from slipping and falling".”
     Ithaca police say they will be issuing tickets for trespassers and suggest that people enjoy the gorges but stay on the marked trails.