John Plumb Unveils Policy for Ending Opioid Epidemic

John Plumb Unveils Policy for Ending Opioid Epidemic

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Tuesday Congressman Tom Reed spoke about his plan to fight opioids in the area. On Wednesday, his opponent John Plumb unveiled his plan to tackle the drug issue as well.

The Navy Commander's plan includes five points for ending the opioid epidemic.

-Change our Approach to Pain Management: Emphasize policies and best practices that encourage necessary changes to how we handle pain management to lessen the number of patients who are introduced to opioids. This includes efforts to incentivize and promote the research and development of non-opioid pain killers.

-Effectively Treat Overdoses: Increase the availability of the medicine that reverses opioid-related overdoses and offer support for rural emergency response teams.

-Increase Access for Treatment & Recovery: Significantly expand access to treatment for those who are addicted by increasing the number of treatment facilities, creating incentives for qualified treatment centers to be established in rural communities, and using technology to help alleviate some of the barriers to access in rural communities.

-Crack Down on Illegal Drugs: Work to disrupt the spread of heroin, toughen penalties for synthetic drug manufacture and distribution, and target suppliers.  Develop best practices and training unique to rural law enforcement, where distribution and trafficking can be harder to identify or intercede due to long distances and limited resources.

-Aggressive Media Campaign: Launch an aggressive media campaign to raise awareness, including campaigns designed specifically for rural communities, about the size and scope of the opioid epidemic to highlight the dangers of opioid use and provide information on how to seek treatment.