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Lt. Governor Jim Cawley visits Mansfield

Lt. Gov. Cawley talks pension
MANSFIELD (WENY) --  As campaign season ramps up, politicians are making their case for re-election. Today in Mansfield, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley paid a visit.
Lieutenant Governor Cawley met with 20 local business owners and republican leaders of Tioga County to talk about key issues including pension reform and new jobs coming to the Northern Tier.  According to Lieutenant Governor Cawley, unemployment in Pennsylvania is at an all time low since the great recession of 2008. More than 180,000 new jobs have been created, bringing unemployment down to 5.6 percent compared to its high of 8.2 percent.
“By keeping taxes low, by making sure regulators understand their role as a resources rather than a restriction. I think were sending a message to the rest of the region and the rest of  the country and indeed the rest of the world that Pennsylvania is open for business and that we want jobs to be created here in the northern tier to start your business and grow your business here”, says Cawley.
Cawley also talked with Northern Tier neighbors about the state's pension program. He says it's costing the state nearly 640 million dollars each year. If he and Governor Tom Corbett are re-elected, Cawley says they'll implement a new 401-K retirement plan for new state employees, which would save money.
“That 640 million dollars that were spending this year alone isn't going into the classroom to improve the educational experience for children, isn't going into fixing our roads and bridges. Isn't going into our state parks. Isn't going to provide vital human services of those that need.”
Cawley says if the state continues with the current pension plan it will cost Pennsylvania billions of dollars over the next couple years and will led to and increase in property and school taxes.