Mark Twain Conference

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Mark Twain Conference

August 2, 2013

ELMIRA -- (WENY) The Seventh International Conference on the State of Mark Twain Studies brings together Mark Twain fanatics from all over the world. The conference features 80 lectures and panel discussions, all about Mr. Clemens.
     Mark Twain lovers unite. Avid readers and scholars head to Elmira every four years to share stories and discuss the beloved American author with like minded writers. It's all at the Seventh International Conference on the State of Mark Twain Studies.
     Peter Kaminsky, Keynote Speaker, said "it's a really exciting event. I've never been to a Twain event before, I've written about Mark Twain, I've edited a book about Mark Twain. I've learned an awful lot today, there's just some wonderful lectures.
    The conference includes eighty lectures and panels discussions along with an exhibit of Mark Twain in the West.
    Joseph Csicsila, Professor at Eastern Michigan said, "this is internationally known as being one of the top rated conferences for academics. This is really a famous conference." 
     The Mark Twain conference brings people from all over the world right here to Elmira College.
     Holger Kersten came all the way from University of Magdeburg, Germany. "You meet people everyday here at the conference and it's easy to get to know people and to talk," he said.
     This man came all the way from Japan to study Mark Twain. And couldn't be more happy to be at the conference.
     "This conference seems like completely different, something completely different then any other conference maybe. And the best one!"
    Tomorrow is the final day of the conference, which will include the presentation of the Mark Twain Circle Awards and a picnic at the Clemen's home at Quarry Farm.