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Neighbors on Edge After Shooting

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Neighbors on Edge After Shooting

CORNING -- (WENY) It's not the first time Police were called to the apartment in question at 110 Jennings Street in Corning, but nobody ever thought it would come to shots being fired in Corning's Northside.
      It's just down the street from an elementary school and shares an alley with a child care center.
      Police arrested two teenagers involved in last night's incident. They're in jail without bail, charged with criminal possession of a weapon. More charges are pending.
     Police believe they found the gun in yesterday's incident. It's a 9 millimeter handgun not registered to suspected gunman.
     "We've had some problems at that particular apartment before. I myself have been there in the recent past spoke with the occupants there," Patrolman Andrew T. Frisbie of the Corning Police Department.
      The occupants on the scene of last night's shooting-- are a father and his son. Police say they don't know how long the son was living with his father, but what they do know is there have been issues.
     "The father had some concerns about who his son was hanging out with. I didn't know to what extent his concerns were," says Patrolman Frisbie.
     Councilman Frank Coccho has lived in the neighborhood for close to 70 years. He says, "the worst incident that I'm aware of in all my years in that neighborhood is I had a neighbor who shot a sparrow with a BB gun."
     But neighbor Mary Wilson's sense of security was shattered yesterday. She lives right upstairs from the apartment in question with her three kids and boyfriend, and called 911 yesterday when she heard gunshots.
     "I don't want to be in town anymore. I want my kids to be safe and not have to worry if they go outside and play that a guns going to go off," says Wilson.
     A neighbor tells me he saw stray bullets in the backyard. It's right the Corning Area Youth Center where I'm told children were on lockdown inside.
Program Coordinator Emily Roe says, "I think we'll probably be more aware of what's going on at the house, but nothing that we're going to bring attention to the kids."
     And neighbor Michael Krotzer, who watched all of the events unfold is keeping a close eye on the house too.
     "Ultimately this is a community. There's families, there's children and nobody wants to have that in their backyard," says Krotzer.
    Police are looking for more leads.. Call 607-962-0340 extension 1500 with any information.