Neighbors react to Corning soil study

Corning Soil

CORNING (WENY) -- Testing the soil in Corning's Houghton Plot is expected to start soon. People living there don't seemed too concerned. But they do have questions.

Weston Solutions was hired by Corning Inc. to take soil samples that will be tested for hazardous toxins. Once residents in the study area give access permission, Weston Solutions will begin taking samples as soon as possible. After samples are taken to an independent lab, results are expected from the Department of  Environmental Conservation two months later. There have now been three informational sessions to provide answers about the study to residents.

"We knew they had used it as a dump, weíve always known that. I mean they told us, they didnít keep it a secret. They did tell us and my kids use to be out there  and I remember they would pick up all the glass and they had a whole cart full of glass," says long time resident Evelyn Mccarthy.

"There hasn't been enough information to suggest otherwise. There hasnít been any health epidemics that have broken out in that neighborhood to lead us to suggest that its dangerous. So I guess until the study come forth that suggests otherwise. I think we'll feel comfortable. Itís a nice place to live," says Dan and Sara Mori.