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New Details In SRO Dispute

SRO Dispute

       CHEMUNG COUNTY---(WENY) There are new details on a hot button issue that caused quite a stir last year with local parents, students, and teachers in Horseheads.
     It turns out the school resource officer position has come under scrutiny after a grievance was filed by the Chemung County Deputy Sheriff's Association.   
      Due to budget constraints, the Horseheads Central school District replaced its full-time School Resource Officer with a retired officer instead, costing just $25,000.00 a year.
      Back in November, Chemung County legislators approved the move, claiming it would save the school district $40-$50K.
      But now, the Chemung County Sheriff's Deputy Association says it's officers should've had first dibs at the position, and filed a grievance.
      According to a source close to the dispute, the union filed an 'Improper Practice Charge' and alleging that the transfer of exclusive bargaining work of school resource officers was given to non-unit employees.
     Right now, both sides are working on an agreement, but no action will be taken until the end of the school year. However, the agreement hasn't been signed off on yet.
     If the district does have to hire a union officer, they will ultimately end up paying even more money than before to have a School Resource Officer on staff.
      However, parents can breathe a sigh of relief because according to Horseheads Superintedent Ralph Marino, the district will have an SRO on board, no matter what.