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New Push to Help Older Americans

New Push to Help Older Americans

     WASHINGTON D.C. (WENY) --  The president made education for young Americans a top priority during this year's State of the Union address, but now one group of lawmakers is focusing on a different demographic.

     Congressman Tom Reed is part of a bi-partisan effort to pass the "Older Americans Act" - that would reauthorize programs for senior citizens.

"Those are real programs that go to help real people in areas across the country," says Reed.  "The more you can have a good quality of life, that's a good thing." 

     The five year reauthorization focuses on: nutrition programs like Meals on Wheels, transportation services, and services to prevent senior abuse and neglect. And, it would reform some health care services for older Americans, too.

     "When you see a quality of life that's improved for older Americans, that allows them to stay in their home rather than go into skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes, those costs are big, those costs are significant."

     Reed says the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act doesn't just make economic sense, he says it's what older Americans deserve.  Similar legislation is currently being considered in the Senate.

     "At the end of the day, the policy, when you're standing for these kinds of programs for our older Americans - we all care, it's the right thing to do."