New SROs at Steuben Co. Schools

New SRO’s in Steuben Co. Schools

STEUBEN COUNTY -- (WENY) The Steuben County Sheriff devised an affordable way for districts in his county to get officers Back into the schools. This comes after New York State cut finding for school resource officers, and districts were forced to lose their School Resource Officers or cut corners to keep them a few years ago.
     Retired officers will be put back to work in Steuben County Schools. They'll be paid $25,500 to work 180 days a year.
     Districts like the Prattsburgh Central School District had SRO's in the past.
     "It's something that we really missed," says Superintendent Jeffrey Black. "Especially now that we're going to have an experienced retired state trooper coming in who knows the community already and is going to fit in perfectly with our students."
     Robby Anger will be their new SRO.
      "I was never an SRO before but I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with the kids in the school," says Anger. "I would always volunteer to go into the schools with different things but never the formal situation."
      And parents get a little more peace of mind.
     "Well my daughter was in a mishap in school and I think if an officer were there, it would have been faster and easier to deal with than the way it went down," says Melissa Leonard.
     The SRO's won't have police cars at schools, but Sheriff Cole says they'll get support from departments in the area.