PA Liquor Privatization

PA Liquor Privitization

PENNSYLVANIA --[WENY] Governor Tom Corbett's proposal is an attempt to raise money for schools with some big changes for beer and liquor distributors.
     Corbett's budget includes a plan to replace more than 600 state liquor stores with twice as many privately run liquor and wine stores.
     It also would allow big-box stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores to sell beer and wine.
     A lot of people have mixed feelings about the governor's proposal. Some worry about the long-term costs of these so-called conveniences.
     "I believe it needs to stay in the liquor stores in the wine stores not in the grocery stores not in a public place children are in there you know, it's enough," said Carolyn Brown of Owego.
     "Sometimes you want a rum and a coke and you have to go to the convenient store or grocery store to get your coke, so I think it'll be more convenient for some," said Kim Dickson of Athens.
     For Bill, owner of Skerpon's Beverage, the cons outweigh the pros.
     "Most of us small distributors, we're not like big huge chains that have a ton of money we're just small small average people," said Skerpon.
     He's already up against Pennsylvania shoppers driving just minutes over the New York State border for the convenience of buying beer.
     "I mean just look at the locations, they're everywhere they're on every corner, why would somebody drive when can walk and they're just across the store from the convenient store and buy beer," said Skerpon.
     Skerpon says he might consider applying for a tobacco license to try and keep his business afloat if these changes go through.