Painted Post Dissolution Vote

Painted Post Dissolution Vote


PAINTED POST-- [WENY] People who support dissolving and merging say it will save taxpayers 200 to 400 dollars a year, while retaining most services.

     But others disagree, and say the numbers are old.

     Supporters say if painted post is dissolved it will still have a police department and a voice in local government.

     But,oponents say that's not enough.

     Life-long residents came out in force to determine the village's destiny.

     Many say they like things the way they are.

     "It's just a nice little village the kind I always wanted to be in when I grew older, so I'm perfectly happy with it just like it is," said Omolee Tracy.

     Many have gotten comfortable with they way things are and they don't want neighboring Erwin to have the ultimate say in how things go.

     "In fact we would have no say what-so ever about the village and it would be up to Erwin and we would have to do what they tell us to," said Emma Cummings.

     But, some see a dissolution as a good thing.

     "I think it'll be good for us because it'll be lower taxes, we'll still have our police department, we'll have our fire department and we will be progressive in the area," said Dr. Margene Tichane.

     But, that's not enough to convince Bob Cummings.

     He says, "right now they're getting pretty well set on taxes, the whole works; I mean they've lowered them the past two years, so what can you lose?"

     I was told more than a hundred people voted in the first hour, and absentee ballots can come in until the close of voting at 9:00 p.m.

     We'll have the latest on the votes at 11:00 p.m.