Petition Signed to Dissolve Painted Post

Painted Post Dissolution

PAINTED POST (WENY)---The Village of Painted Post could soon be dissolved into a neighboring town.

This, after a group called painted-post-tax-relief-org and residents signed a petition asking for the village to be dissolved into the town of Erwin to save their taxes.

Last month we told you about the petition and during mid-September there were 110 signatures.

Today, there are 400 signatures and now, the petition can officially be submitted to the board.

Some residents behind the petition say they're sick of paying high taxes and believe they should have a say in their village possibly consolidating with the Town of Erwin.

Residents say the large tax burden weighs heavily on them and they should have the right to vote on a dissolution that could improve their lives.

There is a village board meeting tomorrow night at 7 in  Painted Post.

For more information on the petition: