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Porcari Home Fundraiser

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Porcari Home Fundraiser


OWEGO-- [WENY] A couple of small business owners are lending a big helping hand to the grieving family of a Southern Tier firefighter killed in the line of duty.
Before he died, Captain Matt Porcari was renovating his home which was badly damaged by the flood.
     Now, Home Central Hardware and Hulslander Custom Concrete are trying to finish the home for his wife and kids.
     Home Central has raised 1,500 so far and the fundraising effort is plowing on.
Captain Matthew Porcari was just starting to work on the second floor of his home before his tragic death.
     A fellow firefighter, Justin Hulslander came to Adam Hall at Home Central to ask for donations to finish the job on Matt's house.
     Home Central decided to take it a step further and ask the community for donations too.
ell we originally wanted to do something for the family and by Justin asking us to do donations it opened the door for us to allow people that have been asking us what we were going to do and how they can help us do things," said Adam Hall.
     Justin worked with Captain Porcari and preferred not to be on camera; however he said that Porcari was a kind and generous soul who always helped others, so it was just natural that Justin wanted to help out his two children and wife.
t's not something she was worried about before and any of this you know it's one thing she doesn't have to worry about."
     Justin also asked the Owego super mart to help out with the fundraising effort.
asked if I could make copies of the flier. I made copies of the flier and after he left I thought I need to do more than this, so I brought in a [large] empty water bottle and started getting donations to donate towards helping them rebuild the family home, said Todd Russell, who operates the Super Mart.
     They've had a  the large water bottle out since Sunday.
     Home Central is accepting cash, check or credit donations at the store, or you can donate by phone at 607-687-3284.