Wetmore: Jail for Failure to Pay Fines

Wetmore: Jail for Failure to Pay Fines

ELMIRA (WENY)--- Chemung County residents with outstanding fines, court fees or mandatory surcharges could face jail time if they don't pay up.

The city is looking to recover more than $600,000 owed by court defendants. Today, District Attorney Weeden Wetmore announced that a new technology will make it easier to track the more than 1400 residents who owe outstanding fines.

Weeden says if payments aren't made, a warrant will be issued, the person will be arrested and they could face jail time.

He says more than half of the imposing fines are DWI defendants.

"We are giving this notice now, so that everyone, defendants and the public alike, will know that these court imposed fines, fees and mandatory surcharges should be taken seriously," said Wetmore. "On the other hand, if ignored, there will be serious consequences."

Wetmore says the the county will start sending letters out on Monday. If payments aren't made, residents could face up to a year in jail.