Rep. Reed Drafts New Bill to Cut Poverty Numbers

Rep. Reed Drafts New Bill to Cut Poverty Numbers

     WASHINGTON D.C. (WENY) --  Congressman Tom Reed is bringing a bill to Washington this week called the Hand Up Act, which stands for 'Helping Americans in Need Develop their Ultimate Potential'.

     He says the new legislation has three goals: to promote self-sufficiency, increase work and earnings and reduce welfare dependency.   It would allow states to apply for a five year demonstration project, where leaders could test social welfare programs best suited for that state.

     Reed is hopeful the bill could help the 46 million Americans living in poverty.

     "We want to make sure that they're in the position where we stand with them," said Reed in a media phone conference. "As they are trying to climb out of that poverty trap. We now seem to have created with the bureacracy of the federal government."

      Reed is taking the bill to Washington D.C. on Tuesday.