Residents Give Input to Redesign Ernie Davis Park

Written By: Isabel Garcia
Ernie Davis Park Input

March 20, 2017

ELMIRA N.Y. (WENY) -- Ernie Davis Park in Elmira has been in need of upgrades for several decades, and now with continuing revitalization efforts in the city, excitement is building to give the space a facelift.

     On Monday, Community Arts of Elmira held an input session for residents to give the design team their ideas and wishes.

     Translating the ideas to architectural images and plans will be done through a student-run program based out of Cornell University called Design Connects.

     "We are landscape architects, architects, cit and regional planners and other disciplines and anyone can volunteer to be a part of a design connect project," says Elizabeth Fabis, Project Manager of Design Connects Elmira .

     The project team for the Ernie Davis site has already been preparing for the revamp for months.

     "What we've done so far this semester is we've researched the history of the site. We came out to do a site visit, and it was about 15 degrees outside that day, but we walked around the site taking note of all the trees and the state of the pavilion and the playground equipment, and everything on the site we documented," Fabis explains.

     Ideas and wishes put forth by community members will help the design team create an environment residents can take ownership of.

     "It's really all about having those people who live near and around the park to have a voice in what the park becomes, because then it's an identifiable place they can call their own...our own," says Joe Caparulo, Vice President of Board of Directors for Community Arts of Elmira.

     Design renditions for the project will be ready by this May when students finish up their semester. It will then be up to the City of Elmira to decide how to implement those ideas.