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SAFE Act Regulations

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
SAFE Act Regulations

HORSEHEADS -- [WENY] Controversy comes to a head in Upstate New York today with some provisions of the NY SAFE Act kicking in. Starting today, gun owners can't load more than 7 rounds into multi-round magazines unless they're at a gun range or a competition.
     Also, owners of some AR-15 assault rifles and other semi-automatic guns with military-style features have a year from today to register their guns with the state.
     There's a lot of confusion in the Southern Tier about the SAFE Act going into effect. Local hunters are not pleased.
     "All we gotta say is 'No, I'm not gonna do that. Are you going to put me in jail? Are you going to put all these people in jail? Then you better start building more prisons," says Bob Stansfield of the Chemung County Rod and Gun Club.
     He says this isn't the way to get illegal guns off the street.
     "In my lifetime, I've seen Elmira go from very peaceful to to driveby shootings," says Stansfield "And it's a horrendous, ridiculous thing. The only way we're going to stop that is more cops."
     And he's not the only one who feels this way. Ken Andrus, also a member of the Chemung Rod and Gun Club feels for the families and victims from Newtown, but he thinks the solution is education.
     "You gotta talk to the people that use these weapons and do the things they do and the bad guys the criminals they're always going to get the weapons, no matter what," says Andrus.
Ken served in the millitary from 1956-1960. He still has his M1 rifle that holds 8 rounds. He uses it for military funerals and he's confused about what he's supposed to with it now.
     Scott Bailey's customers at Scott's Guns in Horseheads were intially confused too. He says gun and ammo sales have skyrocketed over the past few months.
     "Anyone who comes in here to buy a gun is a good law abiding citizen," says Bailey. "I hear from all of these people how they feel this law is effecting the people who use their guns responsibly."
     Scott say he still has AR style guns in stock, and since they're now illegal, he can only sell to law enforcement, or out of state.
     To register your gun online visit