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Save the Post Stepping Up

Painted Post neighbors are turning up their efforts to save their village from dissolving into the town of Erwin.

Save the Post Stepping Up

November 12, 2012

Painted Post (WENY) - Painted Post neighbors are turning up their efforts to save their village from dissolving into the town of Erwin. There is a battle going on in painted post. In January there's a referendum vote that will determine if the village of Painted Post dissolves into the Town of Erwin. A group of neighbors in favor of the plan got 400 voters to sign a petition supporting dissolution, but neighbors on the other side of the issue are doing everything they can to stop it. The group of neighbors I spoke with tonight say they just want to get the right information out in the public before the vote in January. Neighbors in painted post are upset, saying dissolving their village into the Town of Erwin is like losing their identity, and people like tom Pierri are fighting to keep painted post relevant.

     “If we do go to Erwin we probably will still keep the name of painted post keep the heritage you know we will keep all of that, but we will be losing our services and say in what we want to do with our village that's the problem,” says Pierri.

     Tom owns the Central Restaurant in the heart of Painted Post. If voters decide to dissolve into Erwin, they could lose control over their village and the police department, and former Police chief Don Yost would hate to see that.

     “I'd be very upset because when I started this police department there was three of us. We increased as the community increased and our motto was public service and that's what we lived by,” says Yost.

     Last week the save the post committee raised over $3,500 through a spaghetti dinner at Tom's restaurant, and they are using that money to make signs like this. Amy Tryon the chair of the “Save to Post” committee says they hope the signs will peak the interest of voters.

     “We're going to focus on getting the word out. We want everyone to know the truth about what is going to happen weather it's for our side or the other side. It doesn’t matter because all this is about is bringing our community together,” says Tryon.

     Save the post plans to meet with the group in favor of dissolving the village as well as village officials to find out exactly what will be lost in a dissolution. The Referendum vote is January 26th.