Schuyler Co. Sheriff’s Gun Post

Schuyler Co. Sheriff on Guns
SCHUYLER COOUNTY-- [WENY] A local sheriff isn't happy with a tough new package of gun laws in New York, and he's not afraid to shore his feelings.

     A Facebook post by the Schuyler County Sheriff is generating a lot of buzz.

     Sheriff Yessman posted on the county sheriff to page ease some worries people have about what will happen to their guns.

     He says a lot of people were thinking cops would go door to door looking for guns.

     The sheriff wanted to make sure they know, that's not the case.

     He didn't expect his Facebook post to go viral.

     So far it's been shared 12-hundred times and sparked heated debate.

     Sheriff Yessman says, if deputies respond to an incident and find illegal guns, then yes, they will confiscate the guns... but he and his team are not going out and looking for people.

     He isn't happy with the process used to pass the gun laws and wishes there was more input from people who enforce to the law.

     "I just clarified it a little because there were some people on there thinking that I was just going to ignore the law, which wasn't the intent. Laws are laws and I'm entrusted by the residents of Schuyler County to enforce our laws, but I also have the option of how I enforce laws," said Seriff Yessman.

      The Sheriff thinks the new laws are going to make more work for clerks and offices throughout the state.

     He refers to it them as more unfunded mandates.