Sen. Schumer Pushes for School Safety Funding

Sen. Schumer Pushes For School Safety Funding

April 23, 2014

     NEW YORK STATE (WENY) --  State officials are urging the U.S. Department of Education to restore school safety programs.


     Senator Chuck Schumer says the funding for anti-violence programs in schools have been cut drastically over the past few years.   Due to the decline in funds, he says schools are forced to pay for security out of money that is reserved for educational programs.

     Sen. Schumer also says that these extra funds could help prevent violent incidents like Sandy Hook or like the stabbing attack that happened at a Pittsburgh area high school this month.

     "How do you stop those things? There are a whole variety of ways," said Sen. Schumer at a recent media event. "Some schools use education. Some use security devices. We sure need more mental health services in our schools."

      Schumer wants to see state officials working together to provide districts with extra funding and additional resources.