Teaching a Lesson Using Armstrong

Lance Armstrong has come clean, admitting that he used Performance enhancing drugs to win seven tour de france championships, but how do parents explain this to their children.

Teaching Kids about Armstrong

January 17, 2013
Twin Tiers (WENY) - After years of lying to the public and even under oath, Lance Armstrong admitted to the world his cheated his way to the top of cycling. From world-class athletes, to people at your local gym, opinions of Armstrong's career, both on the bike and off are changing drastically. In the eyes of some of the parents I talked to tonight Armstrong has gone from a role model, to a cheater.
“He was a good role model I was really disappointed.”
Kieran Goodwin wants to be an NFL lineman. He still wears his live strong bracelet even though he knows Lance Armstrong cheated. For Kieran's mother it's a difficult to explain.
“I see it as a yes he's human and yes he's made a mistake but he's also done a lot of good with his fame. So I don't quite know how to put it with my son,” says Laurie Bush.
Although Armstrong did so much good with his fame, he was dishonest in the process. This is the dilemma parents across the world will have to explain now. Thomas Edison High School Athletic Director Mike Bennett says Armstrong's story is a perfect tool to teach kids a lesson.
“You tell the kids to always be truthful,” says Bennett. “You're always up front and don't break the rules because eventually someone as a high esteem as Lance Armstrong is going to get caught in the end.”
“I have always told my kids that i would never approve of them using drugs for any reason at all,” says Bush. “I think that this just promotes that, not to do drugs, it's not worth it. There's too much to lose.”
As for Kieran, he says his dream of getting to the NFL is something he will work for without cheating.
“Myself I could not live with myself if I cheated and got good at something.”
Armstrong could face legal after this tell-all interview. Possible future civil litigation could lose him millions of dollars.