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Severe thunderstorm hits Horseheads and leaves thousands without power

severe thunderstorm hits Horseheads
HORSEHEADS (WENY) A little after 4 on Wednesday afternoon a severe thunderstorm struck Northern Chemung County and  parts of Tioga County. The storm produced quarter size hail , torrential downpours, and strong winds, bringing down trees and power lines.
“Well I came home after work and the storm came through. I was closing the windows and big hail was coming down about a quarter of an inch and heard a big boom and I look out and there's a pine tree on the porch.” Homeowner, Jason Holden says that no one has come to clean up the mess and also said that cleanup crews are too busy fixing fallen power lines nearby.
Jason and other neighbors say they are hoping the insurance company will pay to remove the fallen trees and fix the damage. Immediately after the storm ripped through the area, it left more than 6,000 people without power.