Wake Up, Elmira

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Wake Up, Elmira

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Wake Up, Elmira! Two local organizations came together to host a block party over the weekend to promote positivity in the neighborhood.
     Mothers Helping Mothers and Elmira Women's Leadership Initiative held the Wake Up Elmira community event in Grove Park.
     Over 500 people attended and more than 10 community agencies set up tables to show Elmirans what Elmira has to offer.
     Organizers of the event say the goal was to get the community together to make change in the city.
     "Today is about Wake Up, Elmira," said Jessica Belgrave of Mothers Helping Mothers. "We as citizens have to come together to make Elmira what we want it to be. No longer do we look to the city to do things for us. We have to do it for ourselves."
     "Trying to let them know that there is a lot of great things about elmira," said April Bridges, Elmira Women's Leadership Intiative. "We want to share resources. We want to get information out there."

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