UPDATE: Water in Blossburg Safe to Drink

Water Advisory in Blossburg

FRIDAY UPDATE: People living in Blossburg and Hamilton in Tioga County, Pennsylvania can once again drink the water.
      The Blossburg Water Authority says the water is now safe, after elevated levels of mercury were found in a routine water sample yesterday. The filtering plant shut down, and the D.E.P. is investigating.
      For now, the Borough is getting its water from another source. Customers are being asked to conserve water until further notice.

The following is from our media partner, the Star Gazette:

All customers of the Blossburg Water Authority in Blossburg and Hamilton Township are advised not to drink the water because elevated levels of mercury were detected Thursday in routine water sampling at the Bellman Water Treatment Plant.

Customers are urged to use bottled water or another alternative source of water for drinking, cooking or food preparation until further notice.

Do not boil the contaminated water, as boiling, freezing, filtering or letting water stand does not reduce the mercury level.

Mercury exposure is a potential cause of kidney damage.

The water authority will notify customers when the problem is resolved.