Watkins Glen Debuets New $24M Expansion

Written By: Samantha Potter
Watkins Glen High School
WATKINS GLEN (WENY) The new 24 million dollar addition to the building includes a brand new library, a STEM suite, a TV studio and new classrooms.  The auditorium has been renovated and the old six lane pool has been turned in to a gymnasium. Previously the 12th street school housed elementary and high school students, while the middle school was on Decatur street. The previous high school wing was turned into the middle school, for grades seven, eight and nine. While tenth, eleventh and twelfth will be in the new high school wing.
“I'm  most excited for the equal access of opportunity for our kids. Until you live it, you don't understand it. But to have all kids to have access to a 21st century  facility, to me that’s the greatest thing we ever could have done,” says Superintendent Tom Phillips.
The bulk of the 24 million dollar project was paid for by state aid. The district will finance 6-point-6 million over the next 16 years - with no impact on taxpayers.