Wellsburg Fire Station Almost Done

Wellsburg Fire Station

Wellsburg, NY (WENY) -- Within the coming weeks, the Wellsburg Fire Department will move from their current location on Front Street to their new home on Main Street.

     As we've reported over the last few years, flooding from Tropical Storm Lee in 2011 damaged the existing fire station on Front Street.

     In order to make sure emergency services are available during another major weather event, construction of a new fire station has been on going over the last few months.

     And over five years later, the new fire station is nearly complete, but that wasn't without some battles along the way.

     "It's been a long drawn out affair, but the big thing now is we can see we're almost there. The big thing now is yeah there's things we weren't able to do because of the issue with the money. The bottom line though is we're finally going to be out of harm's way. We won't ever have to worry about getting flooded and we won't have to worry about having a rail car coming though the back of the fire station and we get a brand new building," said Mayor of the Village of Wellsburg Malcolm Coles.

     And they are hoping by the middle of February to start moving everything up to the new building.

     Mayor Coles hopes down the road they will be able to have the funding necessary to construct the amenities left out from the original plan.

     And this coming Tuesday, the Village will find out whether or not FEMA will fund the remaining amount they promised.

     "We were promised a building pre-flood. Meaning the old building a kitchen, fully functioning, a community hall/banquet hall, member's meeting room, and tile floor. We're not getting all that up here," said Mayor Coles.

     With all those amenities left on the drawing board, Mayor Coles wants the community to remember they have the necessary part - a fully functioning fire station that is out of harm's way.

     They hope to hold a grand opening in the spring for the community and county to come see the completed building.