"Who’s Side Are You On" Campaign

Who’s side are you on campaign
CORNING (WENY) --  A campaign targeted to educate voters was launched in Centerway Square in Corning this afternoon. The "Who's Side Are You On" Campaign exposes where the congressional candidates stand on popular issues.
The campaign is designed to educate voters on where the candidates stand on issues like Social Security, Medicare and student loans. Locally, the group focused on Republican Congressman Tom Reed, and his democratic opponent, Martha Robertson. A team of experts looked at past voting records, candidate questionnaires and public statements to compare the two candidates.
Mary Clark, the Regional Director for Citizens Action of New York says they hope people will look at those results and can make an informed decision as they head to the polls in November. “There two different viewpoints and you can see it all over town that people have different views on this subject and what were saying is don't be fooled. Like really look where the candidates stand and vote accordingly to how someone stand on an issue and not not be fooled that they all say they are on our side.”
For more information on the campaign please call Citizens Action of New York at (607) 723-0110.