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VP Biden Talks Weather with Cuomo

VP Biden Talks Weather with Cuomo

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - Vice President Joe Biden and Gov. Andrew Cuomo say New York and the nation's other coastal states have to rebuild against severe storms and flooding that are likely in the future.

Cuomo says Superstorm Sandy's 2012 surge was so damaging they are essentially re-imagining New York's infrastructure to withstand severe weather with the help of federal money.

The hurricane flooded several parts of New York City and Long Island, destroying homes and businesses and shutting down public transportation, sewer plants and power stations.

Citing rising sea levels, Biden says coastal areas have to rebuild smarter for people to keep living there.

Cuomo is proposing several measures this year: adding more weather stations, sealing New York City's subways against flooding, redesigning 100 upstate bridges and elevating electrical substations on Long Island.