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Report Lays Out Corruption

Moreland Commission Releases Scathing Report

Report Lays Out Corruption

ALBANY - Governor Cuomo's anti corruption panel released a scathing 98-page report detailing what it calls a "pay-to-play political culture driven by large checks".
     In its report, the Moreland Commission laid out a pattern of corruption in Albany driven by major donors, loopholes and quote - "anemic enforcement of weak laws."
     The report, doesn't name names. "What we can describe," it says "is deplorable conduct, and, indeed, this Commission will make appropriate criminal referrals at such time as it deems appropriate,"
     The commisson cites evidence of tax breaks for major real estate developers, a carve-out in the minimum wage law for a big-time retailer, and quote - "various custom-tailored laws that a particularly influential lobbyist has been able to secure. 
     The report makes a number of recommendations to stem corruption in Albany, where,at least four lawmakers were arrested or indicted on corruption charges this year alone.    
     Click on the PDF link below to read the report.

 Moreland Report, 12-2-13