Penn State Abuse Scandal Costs Approach A Quarter-Billion

Penn State Abuse Scandal Costs Approach A Quarter-Billion

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Penn State's costs related to the Jerry Sandusky scandal are approaching a quarter-billion dollars and growing.

It's been five years since the former assistant football coach was arrested on child molestation charges. He's now in a southwestern Pennsylvania prison.

The school's overall cost of the scandal has reached at least $237 million.

That includes a recent $12 million verdict in the whistleblower and defamation case brought by former assistant coach Mike McQueary, whose testimony helped convict Sandusky in 2012.

The university has settled with 33 people over allegations they were sexually abused by Sandusky, and has made total payments to them of $93 million.

The total also covers the $48 million "fine" levied by the NCAA that is funding anti-child-abuse efforts in Pennsylvania.

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