Pennsylvania Senator To Challenge Gov. Wolf In 2018

Pennsylvania Senator To Challenge Gov. Wolf In 2018


MANCHESTER, Pa. (AP) - Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is getting his first official challenger.

Republican state Sen. Scott Wagner of York County is preparing a Wednesday announcement that he'll seek the GOP nomination to contest Wolf's re-election bid in 2018.

The 62-year-old Wagner is a staunch critic of Wolf and has millions of his own dollars to spend on his campaign. He's built two municipal waste-hauling companies, and currently owns Penn Waste, which has contracts with dozens of south-central Pennsylvania municipalities.

He's donated heavily to conservative candidates and causes, and he's made waves in Harrisburg over his criticism of fellow Republicans he didn't see as conservative enough.

He's been in office since 2014, when he won a maverick write-in bid over the Republican Party's hand-picked candidate in a bruising election for the open seat.