Viral Hit Music Group "Too Many Zooz" Perform at 2300 Degrees

Written By: Isabel Garcia
Too Many Zooz

February 16, 2017

CORNING N.Y. (WENY) -- Thursday's 2300 Degrees at the Corning Museum of Glass featured a unique band out of New York City called "Too Many Zooz."

     The trio group began playing in subway stations in the city, gaining notoriety with millions upon millions of views through YouTube and social media from fans across the world.

     "Baritone saxophone player Leo P. was the one who originally connected everyone else together, inviting friend and trumpet player Matt Doe to a jam session with David "King of Sludge" Parks on drums.

     "I was just really good friends with Matt and one day I just told him to come play with us - he was hanging out in my apartment and he didn't have anything else to do so we started playing together. And that first day, we really felt like we had something, and it's been like that ever since," Leo P. says.

     "Too Many Zooz's" music style is hard to define, as it's still being developed and is more of an organic feeling with the music rather than a label. But if a label must be applied, they've dubbed their style as "brass house."

     "Brass house doesn't have a definition yet, like you said - people ask us what it's called, what kind of style of music it is - it's not Ska and it's not all these other things so we call it brass house," says King of Sludge.

     While some of the band members have music education backgrounds, lessons learned by performing in the subway helped the group form its identity and better connect with people listening.

     "When you play for a crowd that's, let's say, 1,000 people and you're on a stage and there's a barricade in front of the audience, it's a little harder to gauge how people are feeling and seeing their face and judging their emotion based on what you're playing," explains trumpet player Matt Doe.

     "One of the best things about playing in the subway - there are people who saw us play on the first day who still come to see us. And I don't think a lot of bands can say that; they saw us play for the first time, like our first note, and we still see those people. That's probably one of the best things about the subway to me," King of Sludge added.

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