2014-15 New York State Budget Passed By Senate

Written By: Asha McKenzie
 2014-15 New York State Budget Passed By Senate

      (WENY) -- After several weeks of negotiations the budget was passed at 10:30pm on Monday, March 31. The new fiscal year begins Tuesday, April 1st.
     Tom Santulli, Chemung County Executive says the budget is a step in the right direction but the state of New York still has a lot of work to do.
     "Taking away the corporate tax, especially in upstate, which I understand is going to be zero makes all the sense in the world," says Santulli. "Because we need to be more competitive."
     With New York State being one of the highest tax states in the nation, Santulli says it is unsustainble. But He praises Govenor Cuomo for doing what he can in this budget.
     "I give the governor credit," says Santulli. "I think the budget is a good budget. Despite that, we have a heck of a lot more work to do at a local level and a state level to make this a place that people to live, raise a family and work."
     The new budget addresses a number of issues throughout the state.
     The budget includes a 1.5 billion tax relief for homeowners. This is designed to help local government share services and reduce financial burden on tax payers.
     It includes funding for education. There will be a 5.3 percent increase in school aid. 
     It also includes a tax relief for manufacturers, which  will make New York a more "attractive place" to locate and create jobs.
     Senator Tom O'Mara, who is an advocate for manufactures in New York State, highlighted that portion of the budget on the Senate floor earlier today.
     "Providing this broad base tax support to the manufacturing industry, is going to help create opportunity for everyone in this state to earn a living on their own and not be supported by the state," says Sen. O'Mara.
     Senator O'mara also criticized Governor Cuomo for not renegotiating his plan to close the Monterey Shock facility later this year.