Bostonians: We Woke Up to Gunshots

Local Bostonians React

(WENY)--- One of the biggest city's in the country is on lock-down and millions of Bostonians were told to, 'shelter in place.'

One of those people is, Pina Chiaravalloti.

"I was in bed around 12/12:30 and I heard bombs and gun shots and I jumped from my bed," said Chiaravalloti.

She lives right in the heart of Watertown and says she was shaking and crying like crazy.

The city of Bostons been shaking all week. Boston resident, Mason White, lives less than a mile away from Watertown.

White says, "We already checked out our basement and he's not in our basement, but we don't know where he is...he could be anywhere."

Today, the entire city of Boston and neighboring suburbs are on complete lock-down. All mass transit shut down, and businesses and schools closed.

"Nobody in Belmont, Allston, Brighton, Watertown, Brookline, Waltham or Boston is allowed to leave their house," said White.

People waiting at bus and subway stops were told to go home. All modes of transportation are shut down.

"This week has just been unbelievable for the people of Boston," said Boston Resident, Brooke Warner. "The news is showing what they are showing, but unless you are here, it's a completely different experience to see it first hand. It's unreal."

Thursday, the FBI poured through video and photos from the day of the attack. A detailed analysis of all the evidence, led them to Watertown and through it all, the President vowed, there would be justice. For the people living through this, the road to normalcy is a lot longer than any marathon.

"Everytime I step foot outside of my door, I have a pain in my stomach,
 said Warner. "And, I think it's a stress that's not going to go away for a lot of people."

"It hasn't sunk in's kind of surreal at this point," said White. "The last thing I thought I would wake up to this morning, is the radio telling me that there was an all-night chase, police officers are dead and there is manhunt going on."