Rep. Reed Calls for Increased Reporting of Cancer Clinical Trial Results

Rep. Reed Calls for Increased Reporting of Cancer Clinical Trial Results
WASHINGTON, DC (WENY) --  Clinical trials could mean the difference between life and death for some cancer patients.  But Southern Tier Congressman Tom Reed says that important research is not always reported, so he’s introduced legislation to change that.  
     Tom Reed says this legislation came about as a result of a discussion about clinical trials during one of the Cancer Summits he participated in.    The Cancer Summits were part of Cancer Mission 2020, created by Camp Good Days and Special Times founder Gary Mervis, which is an effort to find a cure to cancer by the end of the decade.  
     Reed says there’s a lack of enforcement when it comes to reporting the results of clinical trials.  So, he drafted legislation that raises penalties for entities that don’t report their results, whether the results are positive or negative.  Reed says those who do not comply with the new reporting rules would not be able to receive additional funding in the future.
     “Hopefully that will send a message to the researchers and the folks getting taxpayer money for clinical trials that you need to get this information out – both pro and con --  because you just never know where that solution or cure for cancer is going to come from,” said Reed.
     Reed says this legislation is proof good ideas come out of him having conversations with his constituents.  
     Reed will hold his 60th Town Hall event this Saturday at noon at the Avoca Town Hall.  

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