Gas Alternative in Elmira?

Compressed natural gas could be here in the Twin Tiers soon.

Compressed Natural Gas

May 23, 2012

Elmira (WENY) - An alternative fuel solution could be coming to the Twin Tiers this summer. Williams oil plans to build three Natural gas filling stations, and put one in Elmira. Congressman Tom reed joined Randy Williams for the announcement this morning: The southern tier is getting ready to accommodate alternative fuel cars and trucks. Compressed Natural Gas is a cheaper alternative to gasoline. Some Car companies are selling CNG vehicles now. Randy Williams talked about the price gallon equivalent in Oklahoma is $1.65. Congressman reed wants to see the southern tier take advantage of those prices. Tom reed sees a future with cars running on compressed natural gas driving up and down the streets of Elmira. Randy Williams from Williams Oil is trying to make that a reality.

“There's a real interest here and from what we saw in Oklahoma there are a lot of cars out there running on CNG,” says Williams.

In Oklahoma CNG stations are selling gas as low as $1.50 a gallon equivalent. If you bring those savings to Elmira, businesses could see the benefits too.

“We really feel that garbage trucks local delivery that cycle back everyday this is an ideal fuel and we're excited about it,” says Williams.

Natural gas pipes, will feed the Dandy station on East Church street in Elmira. Of course, you'll need a CNG car. A natural gas ready Honda Civic gets just over 30 miles a gallon and costs about $7,000 more than its gasoline powered equivalent.

Brad Lister from Williams Honda in Elmira says filling up a CNG car is not that

“Basically it's a pressurized fueling system so the gas goes in just like you would plug in a tap to a beer keg and the gas is delivered at a high rate of speed into the gas tank,” says Lister.

A CNG filling station in Towanda should be finished by August. Another in Athens should be done by the end of September, and Elmira will be right behind those.