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Gas Prices Falling

Gas Prices Falling
Horseheads (WENY) -- Experts say the prices at the pump are falling because oil prices are also on the decline.

In New York, the average gallon costs drivers $3.61 and Pennsylvania, $3.35. According to the Department of Energy, the national average is $3.44, which is down about 10 cents in one week and down 14 cents compared to a year ago.

Drivers we spoke with tonight are glad to see the drop, but some say it's still not good enough.

"I think gas prices being low are important because a lot of people are now commuting together to work," said Debra Hall. "I commute three days a week to work with a girl."

"It's still high," added Jeff Leitch. "$3.00 is a better price."

"It cuts into my savings a lot," said Caleb Brown. "I'm trying to save up for college and stuff, but it's really hard. I can't save hardly at all when you're spending half your paycheck on gas every week."

Today oil closed at $79.21 a barrel in New York trading, which is down 55 cents for the day. Analysts expect the prices of gas to continue to drop in the coming weeks if the price of oil does the same.