Gov. Corbett Speaks out On PA Marriage

Gov. Corbett Speaks out On PA Marriage

(WENY)-- For the first time Governor Tom Corbett is speaking out about gay marriage being performed in Pennsylvania.

Braddock Mayor, John Fetterman, officiated the first marriage in Alleghany county, despite a state-wide ban.

Other couples were married in Montgomery county. Now, Governor Corbett is asking for an injunction against the county.

"Until such time that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court or the legislature change their minds on that- that is the law. We think that elected officials can't choose which laws they want to follow and which laws they don't want to follow."

The Governor also answered questions about his vacation home in Hilton Head. Corbett did not report the purchase on his annual financial disclosure. He says he read the disclosure details wrong and he'll be amending his disclosure.