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Greece Bus Monitor Not Filing Charges

Greece New York Bullying
GREECE, NY (WENY)---The troubling video showing a Greece, New York, bus monitor being bullied by middle school students has gone viral.


Thursday, police said the school bus monitor, Karen Klein, does not want to file criminal charges against the four students accused of bullying her on the school bus on Monday.


A 10 minute-long video recorded by a student includes vulgar remarks aimed at 68-year-old Klein.


Greece Police Captain, Steve Chatterton, said the four students involved are all seventh graders and in order to charge someone under the age of 13, the action must rise to the level of a crime and they are still trying to determine if a crime occurred.


At a Press Conference, Chatterton said, "I can tell you that we were able to identify all four individuals involved and we have spoken to all four individuals and their families. Not only have we spoken with them, they have been cooperative and they have come in voluntarily, have not requested council and they have taken responsibilities for their actions."


From around the world, donations for Karen Klein poured into the crowd-funding site indiegogo.com, pulling in a staggering $443,057 by early Friday. This money was raised for the Grandmother of 8 to go on a vacation.