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Local Educators Hear VP Speak in Washington

Joe Biden Addresses NEA Conference

WASHINGTON (WENY) --   They set the policies and direction for public school education across the country.  And on Tuesday, members of the National Education Association got a visit from Vice-President Joe Biden at their annual convention, held in our nation’s capital this year.  

Inside the Washington Convention Center, the NEA Convention looked more like a political convention, and it felt like one too, as the vice-president addressed 9,000 educators from across the country and the Southern Tier.

Members of the NEA went wild as the vice-president took to the podium, and he responded with his own praise of them.

“You chose to be teachers because you care!  You chose to become teachers because you want to make this country better!” shouted the vice-president.

Biden spent most of the rest of his speech slamming Republicans, specifically presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney – saying Romney would not make the country better.

“They criticize you, and they blame you.  They make you the fall-guy.  They should be thinking of ways to help you make your job easier, not make your job harder,” said Biden of Republicans.

“It really reaffirmed  my belief that we need to reelect President Obama.  He’s going to stand up for our children, our future, American workers,” said Sue Brazen-King, who’s worked as a secretary in the Johnson City School District for the past quarter century. 

Brazen-King been to the NEA Convention six times, but only during election years do the big guns show up.  She says the vice-president’s speech energized the crowd.

“It was incredible.  He’s a great man, and it was incredible to be close and be able to see him,” she said.

Safe to say the Obama-Biden ticket has the vote and most, if not all, of the educators in the convention hall.

After the NEA Convention, Vice-President Biden headed to Pennsylvania where for a campaign event in his hometown of Scranton.  Meanwhile, the NEA Convention continues through Thursday.