PA Creates New Voter I.D. Cards

Voter I.D.ís Will Be Available Starting August

PA Creates New Voter I.D. Cards

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WENY)---Pennsylvania officials have announced the creation of a new photo I.D. card for voters who need photo identification because of the commonwealth's new voter I.D. law.

They're called "Department of State voter cards" and they'll be issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The cards will be available to registered voters who are not able to provide all of the documents they would normally need to obtain a photo ID from PennDOT, like a birth certificate.The IDs, which are free, will be issued to voters for a 10-year period and can only be used for voting purposes.

If you need a card, you'll be asked to provide two proofs of residence, along with your date of birth and Social Security card. These cards will be available starting the last week of August up and through Election day and thereafter.