A Political Chess Move?

Obama’s Political Chess Game

Political Move?

May 10, 2012

Twin Tiers (WENY) - President Barack Obama does something no other sitting president in American history has ever done by announcing his support for same sex marriage. President Obama made history by announcing support for same sex marriage, but some say the move is strictly symbolic; an effort to solidify his stance before the 2012 presidential race kicks into high gear. In business timing is everything, and in politics its no different, but is this the right time? When Obama was a state senator in Illinois, he openly supported same sex marriage, then after he entered national politics, he backed off the issue, saying his stance was evolving. Elmira Political Science Professor, Jim Twombly, believes yesterdays announcement was a political chess move. Obama's goal was to fire up his democratic supporters, isolate Mitt Romney as a social conservative, and try to bring in a new crop of young voters. The newest crop of student voters has been disconnected, and the president's announcement was one way to stir up passion.

“A president coming out and making this statement is purely symbolic politics its really saying where he is in respect to other voters in the electorate and to use this particular statement of disposition to motivate a certain demographic group,” says Twombly.

Same sex marriage is a state issue and the President doesn't have any power to make legal change.