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Victims Identified in PA Helicopter Crash

Victims Identified in PA Helicopter Crash

Update: 10/11/2012

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, PA (WENY)--- Police have identified the victims in the fatal helicopter crash that took off from Elmira.

Pennsylvania state police say the helicopter went down Tuesday night around 8 off interstate 380 in Coolbaugh township.

Investigators believe the crew hit bad weather on the way back from a golf outing in the Elmira area. They say, the pilot, William Ellsworth, 52, of New Jersey and front seat passenger, Tighe Sullivan, 51, from Connecticut are dead.

The survivor, Stephen Barral of New Jersey called police who found the chopper nearly six hours after the crash. Pocono Mountain Police say Barral is in the hospital with serious injuries.

Investigators believe the the pilot hit heavy fog and aviation experts believe the chopper's emergency locator failed.

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, PA (WENY)---A helicopter that took off from Elmira crashed in bad weather in northeastern pennsylvania, killing two people.

It happened around 8 o'clock last night. Investigators believe the crew got lost on the way back from a golf outing in the Elmira area.

That prompted an extensive search. The wreckage was found around 2 o'clock Wednesday morning after a surviving passenger called for help.