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5K Pure Fun Run for Kids

Written By: Kellie Meyer
5K Pure Fun Run
ITHACA (WENY)--- The Community Coalition for Healthy Youth hosted their first ever '5K Pure Fun Run" at The Guthrie Clinic in Ithaca.

The coalition represents agencies, schools, businesses and families throughout Tompkins County. They work to reduce substance abuse among middle and high school students.

Their fundraiser was held right before school kicks off, to encourage student athletes to have a substance free season. More than half the people in the run were kids...and we wanted to know what they enjoyed the most about the run.

Alexander Simpson, 11, says he loves the, "finish line because it's just so fun to run super fast and you can't feel your legs."

Coordinate, Janice Johnson says, "We're hoping to get them out to have a good time and think and also to think about not using drugs or alcohol during the sporting season."

For more info: http://www.healthyyouth.org/